Turtle Harbor Productions

Following the tragic death of their only child, a husband defies convention in a desperate attempt to save himself and revive his despondent wife. Produced and Directed by Matthew L. Levine
Written by Steven Clark Starring Joseph Michael Somma & Laurie Slattery 13m 54s l All Audiences l Filmed in Stony Brook and Smithtown, NY
© 2014 Turtle Harbor Productions


Chinua Baracka Payne

John Ligouri

Faith-Rosalie Dunn

Josianne Raneri

Donovan Edmondson

Roman Crump


Sean Simms

Candice McKoy

Lee Baptiste

Chiquita Camille

Russ Gerard

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11" x17" with bleed

5" x 7"

5" x 7"

4" x 6"